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AmeriHomes Realty is a real estate agency that has been operating since 2002.

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      Staten Island: 593 Midland Ave., Staten Island, NY 10306

      Brooklyn: 2568 East 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235


      Staten Island: 718.447.2626

      Brooklyn: 718.891.2626




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Since the beginning of our journey we have abided by several principles for doing business in which we strive to never betray. These principles are: orientation toward the interests of the client; professionalism; and the abidance of corporate market traditions and culture. Observance of these principles has allowed us to confidently move forward and become one of the leaders of the real estate market in quality of service.

Presently, AmeriHomes Realty is a powerful and well-established member of the real estate industry, providing a full range of services in the field of purchase and sale of real estate in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Throughout the years of providing our services we have accumulated an indispensable amount of knowledge and experience, assembled a loyal and dedicated staff, and earned the trust of our clients, the respect of our partners and the recognition of our competitors.

Working daily with dozens of new buyers, agents of AmeriHomes Realty assume a degree of responsibility for their future well-being and comfort. While selecting an apartment or a house, we think about our clients’ families. When working with commercial real estate, we care about the effectiveness of their investments.

We believe that the success of AmeriHomes Realty is due to the thousands of grateful clients that put trust in our company and our agents. They invested their time and money into us for finding them one of the most important and valuable components in their lives and were never left unsatisfied.

We hope that when you become interested in the purchase or sale of real estate and are looking for a company, you make the right decision. AmeriHomes Realty guarantees to provide you with the highest level of service. Our agents are always available and ready to help you with your real estate needs.

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